Revolutionary OnDemand Learning

Hebraic Heritage Christian Center's OnDemand Learning

  • You decide when to start. OnDemand Learning enables you to begin any of our courses any day of the year and to initiate others anytime thereafter.
  • You decide where to study. OnDemand Learning lets you to do your course work anywhere in the world where you have a broadband Internet connection.
  • You decide what to study. OnDemand Learning provides you with diverse Hebraic-based courses that will enhance your learning experience.
  • You decide when to study. OnDemand Learning enables you to study at your own pace, with up to one year to complete any course.
  • You decide how to study. OnDemand Learning allows you to take courses for credit toward academic degrees or just for personal growth and discipleship.

What programs of study does HHCC offer?

  • We now offer two programs of study:
    • Theology
    • Biblical Studies
  • We now offer two options for study:
    • Degree Programs (for academic credit)
    • Personal Development Programs (non-credit Christian growth/discipleship)

What degrees will HHCC offer?

  • We will offer four degree programs:
    • Associate's (60 credit-hours, 2 year degree)
    • Bachelor's (120 credit-hours, 4 year degree)
    • Master's (60 credit-hours)
    • Doctoral (original research and dissertation)
  • We now have a limited number of courses ready for delivery, and our team is developing additional courses and will continue to do so until we complete our proposed curriculum outline and more. (Click here to see currently available offerings.)

Are HHCC credits transferable?

  • Transfer of credits rests totally with the institution which is asked to accept credit transfers. Often even state sponsored institutions do not accept transfer of credits from other institutions within the same government controlled higher education systems. Usually, however, credits are evaluated on the basis of syllabi and actual course work to determine if they are transferrable.

Is HHCC accredited?

  • From its inception, HHCC has been committed to the process of full accreditation both by religious accrediting agencies and by secular accrediting agencies (including those approved by governmental agencies). Accreditation processes can require eight years. Since HHCC is a newly organized institution of higher education, it is not yet accredited.

What is the cost of HHCC's programs?

The costs for education at HHCC are very reasonable for our students. They include:

  • Application for Adminission Fee:
    Application fee is $75.00. This enables HHCC to evaluate the student's prior academic record and confirm that the student is prepared to undertake HHCC course requirements.
  • Tuition
    • Degree Programs:
      • Tuition is $450.00 per course.
    • Personal Development Programs (non-degree or audit courses):
      • The total cost for each Development Program is $195.00. (There is no Application Fee for Personal Development courses.)
  • Books
    • Fees for books vary with each course.
    • There are required textbooks, and there are also supplemental reading materials.
    • Books can be ordered from our HHCC bookstore.
  • Other Fees:
    • Additional fees apply for graduation, for diplomas, and other services.

Does HHCC offer financial aid?

  • Because HHCC does not have accreditation that is governmentally recognized, it does not offer student financial aid.

Does HHCC have scholarship programs?

  • HHCC has established a scholarship fund for students who demonstrate need. These can be partial or full scholarships. Inquire for details.

Does HHCC offer student loans?

  • HHCC offers student loans to cover part of tuition, based on student need. Since HHCC is not a lending institution, it cannot cover all tuition and fees; however, partial loans can be negotiated with students on an individual basis.
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